About IvaShare

IvaShare is a multifaceted digital marketing agency based in Surprise Arizona. It was founded by two entrepreneurial friends, Ritchie Richards and John Kelley. The main purpose of the agency is to help companies increase their profit by providing them qualified leads that they can then convert to customers/clients. IvaShare employs the vehicle of Digital Marketing to make this possible.

In forming IvaShare, our founders were quite aware of the vastness of services that are available within the Digital sphere; and thus chose to specialize in key areas which include Facebook marketing, Google Advertising and email marketing.

As a company, we are committed to providing our clients with both high-tech and high touch business solutions. We also understand that businesses have certain responsibilities to the communities in which they operate, and therefore we are committed to giving back to our community.

People often ask about the origin of the name IvaShare. It is simply the combination of the first names of our founders’ mothers – Iva and Sharon. Naming the company IvaShare is a way for the founders to honor their moms whose lives embody many of the core values of the company; values such as
excellence, kindness and integrity.

Ritchie Richards - Managing Partner

For more than 25 years, Ritchie has worked in the business arena. His experience in the fields of sales, marketing, business development and leadership has certainly prepared him to lead IvaShare. One of Ritchie’s key areas of responsibility is to set and ensure the implementation of the vision, goals, and strategies of the company. In essence, he is the chief company strategist and also oversees client acquisition.

John Kelley - Managing Partner

John brings to IvaShare a diverse set of skills and experience that make him an invaluable Managing Partner. His background includes time spent in the fields of teaching, engineering, pastoring, and technology. One of John’s primary roles is overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company which includes managing the digital marketing team. John has great organizational and analytical skills and is also quite technology conversant.